At the Henley’s Trading Post we buy, sell and trade of new and pre-owned merchandise. Other services include secure and confidential collateral loans, onsite Electronic warranty repairs and custom jewellery work, repairs and casting.

We sell DVDs, gadgets, electronics, music instruments and more. Come and see!


We now have ON-SITE GOLDSMITHS and ON-SITE TECHNICIANS to take care of all your needs.

With a onsite goldsmith we are able to size rings in as fast as 15 minutes, and can work with you to create a unique design to suit your taste.

Our onsite technician, a former teacher at BCIT, has over 35 years experience is available to take care of all your electronic repair needs

We have enjoyed serving the Fraser Valley for over 12 years now.


So you ask: what makes our service stand out?

Along with an excellent reputation, here are just a few key points.

  • High level of moral and ethical standards.
  • Integrity.
  • Reputable customer service.
  • Provide confidential and secure collateral loans.
  • Vast selection of quality new and pre-owned merchandise.
  • Buy with confidence knowing all items we sell have been cleared and verified by local police.
  • New inventory added everyday.
  • All items we sell are cleaned and thoroughly tested
  • 30-Day layaway purchase plan


*NOTE – This website contains only a sample and small variety of merchandise we have for sale. Please, if you can’t find what you are looking for on this website, do not hesitate to contact us. New inventory is shelved everyday!

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“Excellent value for money. I made very good deals!” J. Maple, Castle Finance

“I bought a vintage engagement ring for my wife. Stunning.” D. Humphrey, Simply Removals

“5-star customer service, recommended” M. Carey, Carey London Ltd